Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement
Through sound Biblical principles it’s our vision to equip families to become Godly Leaders; impacting their homes, communities, cities, state, country, and the nations.

Mission Statement
It’s our mission to bring positive change in our society by:

       Building sound families to become leaders, through sound Biblical teaching and Godly examples.

       Rising up businessmen in the market place displaying integrity, Godly character, operating with a Spirit of Excellence because of the Biblical principles they are being taught.

       To raise up God fearing politicians as statesmen equipped with the Joseph, Daniel, Esther, and Deborah’s anointing.

       To establish schools to equip the saints of life and ministry, preparing the heart, mind, and body with sound Biblical foundational teaching and discipline.

       To minister to the need of those in distress through refuge centers, spiritual guidance, benevolence support, etc.

       To plant strong churches reaching out to our communities through Godly Leadership mixed with Faith in God.

       To become a Company of 800 in three years.

No believer has ever been called to be just a spectator or to be entertained in the Body of Christ. But, we been called to build the house of God that he may be glorified (Hebrews 3:11-4; Haggai 1:2-14). In doing so we will be blessed of the Lord and become an active church building the kingdom of God, instead of just well fed, well learned passive people.